Getting around Kings Canyon National Park

Vacationers planning a trip to Kings Canyon National Park in California can choose to travel through the Park in a variety of ways.

Bus tours through Kings Canyon National Park allow guests to enjoy their surroundings while someone else does the driving. Expert guides point out the unique beauty and explain the history of the local geology, flora and fauna in the area. Air-conditioned busses with comfortable seating pick up riders at the hotel in Three Rivers to begin a truly unforgettable tour. As the day of spectacular sights and exciting activities ends, the bus returns travelers to the same hotel.

Hiking trails though Kings Canyon National Park allow small groups to interact directly with the scenic beauties around them. Visitors can park at the Onion Valley Ranger Station for a 6-mile trek through the mountains. They follow Kearsarge Pass Trail, veering left for great views of Owens Valley and the Inyo Mountains. Turning right onto Spur Trail, they visit Little Pothole Lake with views of the granite spire of Independence Peak. The trail then crosses a terminal moraine leftover from glacial melt, skirting both Gilbert and Flower Lakes. A switchback takes trekkers to Kearsarge Pass at 11,760 feet high where they can view Brewer Mountain, North Guard and Farquhar with distant glimpses of the Panamints Mountains. A right turn leads to Charlotte and Bullfrog Lakes overlook.

The nearest commercial airports are in Visalia, CA. Flights from Los Angeles, Fresno and San Francisco as well as other destinations service the airport. All national and some local car rental agencies are available at the airport and in the city. This makes travel to Kings Canyon National Park easy for those who wish to follow their own itinerary. The Generals Highway winds its way through Kings Canyon Park and provides the most scenic views.

RV rentals are a very popular way to see the Park. It is easy to locate a rental agency that can provide tent trailers, travel trailers, Class A, B and C motorhomes, and fifth-wheels in a wide variety of styles and lengths. Then the traveler doesn't have to worry about finding lodging wherever they decide to stop. Their "rooming" is going along with them.

To get to the Sequoia Park entrance and access to Kings Canyon National Park, vacationers should take Highway 198 east from Visalia. The trip takes about an hour. From Fresno, travelers can head east on Highway 180 and go directly to the entrance of Kings Canyon also in about an hour.