Kings Canyon National Park Shopping

Cedar Grove Gift Shop and Market
Cedar Grove Gift Shop and Market may be small, but it has everything you need to enjoy your camp at Kings Canyon National Park. Located inside of the national park on Cedar Village Drive, you can buy everything from beer canisters and camping supplies to film and food. If you are shopping for gifts for the family, be sure to browse the souvenirs and pickup something to remember your trip. This convenient location will be where you frequent when you need the essentials you forget to pack.

Grant Grove Village Gift Shop and Market
You always need to know where a grocery store is when you are camping at any national park or campground. If your food spoils or you run out, visit Grant Grove Village and stop by the Gift Shop and Market. This mini-supermarket sells all of the basic groceries you will need to make everything from burgers to smores. They also sell camping supplies and emergency gasoline. If you need to rent skis, supplies is available for rent in the winter. To top it all off, Grant Grove is home to the post office in the national park if you need to buy stamps or send a postcard right away.

Wuksachi Village
If you are staring at the Wuksachi Village Lodge or somewhere nearby, the Wuksachi Village Restaurant and Gift Shop should be one of your stops on your trip. You can satisfy your taste buds with mouth-watering Alpine cuisine and then stop by the on-site ski and retail shop to find a wide range of food, souvenirs, and supplies you will need during your stay. There is nothing more convenient than a location where you can eat and shop.

Lodgepole Village Deli & Market
If you are staying near the Lodgepole Village, the Deli & Market is a great little shop to visit. This location caters to campers and has showers, supplies, and a museum in one location close to all of the campsites. If you are shopping for deli meats, you need to wash up, or you want warm food, you will find all of this. There is also a free bus stop in front of the shop that will take you to any destination in the park.

Mineral King
If you are visiting during the summer season, you can stop by the Mineral King Silver City Mountain Resort and find a limited range of supplies you will need in this black bear country area. Keep in mind that gasoline and ice is not available at the resort.